365 Days of Paleo

This year, I want to ditch the typical “join a gym” or “lose weight” type of New Year Resolution. What fun is that? The typical new gym goer only keeps her membership for 2 months on average, and having the obscure goal to lose weight seems like a hassle. So this year, I’m deciding to focus on health. What may seem like another fad diet to most, the Paleo Diet, or way of eating, seems to me to be the healthiest way to go for long-term sustainable health.

My goal this year is to make it through 2014 – 365 days – eating a fully paleo-approved diet. This means cutting out all processed sugar, grains, gluten, dairy, and legumes. I will be eating copious amounts of veggies, meat, fruit, and some nuts and seeds.

The biggest challenge for me this year trying to tackle this goal is that I plan on doing a bit of traveling. I’ll be posting what I did in order to stay committed to my goal through my travels, as well as in my everyday life!

The thing I like most about Paleo is that I won’t need to limit the quantity of food I eat or count calories. If I listen to my body, I should be getting all the nutrients I need. Besides, who could argue with a diet that encourages you to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast?

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2 thoughts on “365 Days of Paleo

  1. Hi Taylor, congratulations on your New Years resolution! I did just 30 days of Paleo and found it pretty challenging; I’m impressed by your one year goal. The beginning was not easy but I think there are lots of benefits to the diet if you can maintain it. Don’t worry too much if you slip up for a couple of days, you’ll still be fine 😉 I’m curious to see how it goes, Good luck!

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