My Flight to Texas, Paleo Style


With one eye open, I reach across the bed to shut off my alarm. It’s 5am and the city sleeps soundlessly outside my hotel window. I climb out of bed and immediately turn on the coffee pot; caffeine is a must-have this morning. I quickly shower and get ready for the day, then gather my things and toss them into my suitcase.

We make our way down to the hotel lobby to check out as the valet brings the car around. There is hardly any traffic at this hour on a Friday in San Francisco. We cross the Bay Bridge and pull up to the Oakland Airport in no time.

Checking my bag is a nightmare, the line is dozens of people long and it puts me behind schedule. As soon as I make it through security, I walk as quickly as possible towards my gate. I glance at my phone and it’s 7:10am, my flight is scheduled to take off at 7:25! I break out into a full-on sprint until I reach the gate, board the plane immediately, and settle into my seat.

The thought of eating paleo while spending a day stuck in airports and on airplanes can be intimidating. Food options here are limited and generally extremely expensive. For these reasons, I decided to plan ahead a bit and I packed enough food to keep me satisfied and fueled throughout my day.

Here’s what I packed:

Almonds – Roasted and unsalted

Baby Carrots

Sugar Snap Peas



Pork Jerky (gluten free)

An orange, carrots, almonds, and pork jerky was plenty of food for my flight!

Not only is eating healthily and getting the nourishment you need extremely important while traveling , staying hydrated is equally, if not more, essential. To avoid the outrageous prices for water at the airport, I always bring an empty reusable water bottle that I fill up at a drinking fountain or at a Starbucks kiosk after I get through security.

Turns out, with a little bit of planning ahead, traveling while eating fully paleo was a piece of cake…or wait…no, cake isn’t paleo. Never mind. It was easy, to say the least. And by the time I reached my destination, I felt energized and ready to begin my trip!

Hellooooooo Texas!


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