Price check, please!

Today, I felt a strong urge to delve into some research on nutrient density and the omega 6:omega 3 ratio ideal. So, with my morning cup of coffee in hand, I went straight to Google to answer my questions. I wound up on Chris Kresser’s website (of course) and began reading about omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, how to balance them, and the best food sources to reach the optimal balance (to read the complete article, click here).

The basic conclusion I reached from reading the article (and a few other related articles on his site), is that I need to up my salmon intake. At a recent Costco visit, my boyfriend and I bought a ton of tilapia, believing this would be a good source of omega 3 EPA and DHA. My research this morning showed that tilapia actually has higher amounts of Omega 6 than Omega 3, virtually making this effort to up Omega 3s in our diet pointless. So, I decided the best way to reach a balance in our diets between these fatty acid chains is to up our salmon intake.

It’s no secret that salmon can get pricey, even when buying in bulk. Through a bit of research, I’ve determined that for us, the health benefits of eating wild Alaskan canned salmon is much better than not having salmon in our diets at all. So, I began calling grocery stores for price checks on canned salmon to determine the best place to buy it.

By far, the cheapest place I found to purchase canned salmon is at Trader Joe’s (the price they gave me is $3.79 for 14.7oz can). This is compared to the horrendous price at Whole Foods of $6.99 for 6oz. No thanks!

Next, I began calling grocery stores about organ meat. I’ve heard a lot of great things about organ meat (especially liver) from a variety of sources, including The Paleo View podcast and Chris Kresser’s website once again. Organ meats are some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, and it is highly encouraged that everyone consume them at least a few times per week. I would have them ground and mix it in with other ground meat to make burgers or pasta sauce, so neither my boyfriend nor I would even notice they were there.

The best prices I found for organ meats are as follows:

The Nugget Market (a local grocery store): $1.59/lb Beef Heart

Whole Foods: Pasture raised beef liver- $4.99/lb ; free range chicken liver- $3.69/lb.

I’m going to do a bit of pre-grocery shop planning this week to figure out the best menu plan and grocery list for us. I plan on doing some research on the most nutrient dense produce and their peak seasons, as well as scour the local ads for sales on meat and seafood. Salmon will definitely be on the shopping list!

Organ Meat




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