Sunday Run Day!

Meals are prepped for the week, running shoes are drying out, and I’m curled up with a hot cup of chamomile tea watching a movie. Today was the perfect Sunday!

James and I slept in this morning and resumed our weekend-long Dexter marathon. We just started watching it on Friday and got through season 1 and part of season 2. Since it’s been raining in Northern California, we haven’t felt very motivated to get up and going the past few days.

Today, I decided to break our vicious cycle of laziness and get out of the house and be productive. I sucked it up and threw on a rain jacket and went on a 2.5 mile run which felt amazing. Getting out and stretching my legs always feels awesome after a few days of being a couch potato.

running in the rain

I planned out our meals for the week and went grocery shopping, too. I find it’s much easier to cook creative meals when I plan out the whole week in advance and make sure I have all the ingredients, otherwise I find myself making the same boring things as go-to meals.




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