I just got in from running my first 5k of the year (just a loop around my neighborhood…not an actual race) and I surprised myself with my time. I did 3.12 miles in 21:36…that’s an average pace of 6:56 per mile. My previous PR for this distance was 23:22 in November…I think it’s safe to say that I CRUSHED that time! I’m completely blown away by this.


My goal for 2014 was to complete 5k in under 21 minutes…I think I’m going to accomplish this much sooner than planned! Maybe it’s time to start working on some longer distances, like 10k or maybe a half marathon.



9 thoughts on “Surprise!

      • Whew, you are tough with the crossfit! I’ll do a bootcamp class (cardio + strength training) and personal training during the week, and then in the mornings I’ve recently added on T25 since it’s cardio and some resistance (more in the second part) and only 25min so I can squeeze it in even on crazy days. (I can give you more info on that one) I hear p90x3 is good, but haven’t tried it out yet! Tons of options out there, always looking to try something new!

  1. A HIIT session I have done on the treadmill:

    Warm up as normal
    2min run at medium speed
    Then x5 of each of the below with a 2m run at medium speed in between each set
    5 x 15s at top speed with incline 45s off then 2min run
    20s at top speed with incline 40s off
    30s at top speed with incline 30s off
    40s at top speed with incline 20s off

    Obviously I can’t tell you the speed to go at because I don’t know what you are like speed wise, but you can tailor it to work for you.

    I like this one, but prepare to meet up with some pain during the session.

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