What’s more EXTREME?

When asked about my diet, many people tell me that’s its a very extreme lifestyle. “No soda, no bread, no ice cream?!” Many people have asked me in disbelief, “I could never deprive myself of those things…that’s so EXTREME!”

I generally just try to smile politely and say that it’s a life choice, and my main reason for doing it is to live the healthiest life possible for not only myself, but my future children. I want my body to function the way it’s supposed to, and I want to feel great everyday. This seems to get them to stop talking negatively about eating healthily.

But I must ask you all this: Is following a Paleo Lifestyle extreme, or is poisoning your body with processed “food” and drowning yourself in toxins extreme? If you ask me, eating the foods that naturally occur on Earth is the least extreme way to eat…you can literally just go outside and find food (fruits and vegetables) on the ground, then eat it. Simple. I don’t see any Snicker’s Bar Trees or Potato Chip fields where I live…

I truly wish people in today’s society would open their eyes and realize that they are poisoning their bodies through their diet and lifestyle. It is one thing to be overweight or obese, but for many people, that’s not the biggest problem. Malnourishment and eating too many horrible things causes many more health problems and illnesses (heart disease and many types of cancer to name a few) that are much more significant and EXTREME than simply being overweight.

Being healthy and fit is natural for humans. Being obese, having countless diseases and health problems, and being sedentary is not natural…this is what’s EXTREME.

Luckily, for most, it’s never too late to change your diet and lifestyle!! It just takes a little eye-opening and proper nutrition.



One thought on “What’s more EXTREME?

  1. Love this!!! The funny thing is, once you don’t eat that processed shit food for a while and try to eat it again after a few weeks, your body feels like a train ran through it. People don’t realize the torture they put their bodies through eating unnatural, chemically maintained, factory crafted, “foods”. It’s scary how blind they are to the fact that the majority of health problems and complications come from their own diet.

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