How to Survive a Special Event on Paleo – Bridal Shower

In January I attended my best friend’s bridal shower. There were about 40 guests there and tons of junk food. I knew going into this event that there would be plenty of tempting food that was off-limits to me, so I devised a plan to survive the day (this plan would work for almost any special event, too!).

The Paleo Survival Plan: Bridal Shower Edition:

1. I ate a huge lunch before the party started that way I wouldn’t even be slightly hungry enough to want the chips and dip.
2. I offered to bring a veggie tray. Even though I can’t have ranch dip on the paleo diet, I brought some to make any ways that way the other guests could enjoy it.


Tons of Veggies!

3. I coordinated with another bridesmaid who was bring a fruit platter (yay, now there’s two things I can eat!).


4. I actually brought extra food for myself to eat in case I got hungry throughout the day (I just kept it in the back of the fridge until I needed it). I figured that since everyone else would be eating, it wouldn’t be too rude to bring a plate of food that I could enjoy while everyone else enjoyed theirs.


The Gorgeous Bride and Me 🙂


Friends and Bridesmaids (I’m in the middle)


The Bridal Party

Sometimes it can be intimidating to go to parties or special events, knowing that your diet won’t allow for most of the food on the menu. I hope these tips help!! If you have any other ideas or tips you’d like to share, I would love to hear! Feel free to share  🙂


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