It’s no surprise that receiving positive feedback can be one of the best sources of motivation. With that said, I can honestly say that I’m on cloud nine at this moment.

When I started this blog in January, my goals were to document my journey and to inspire and motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle. I really didn’t think many people would read my posts or care at all about what I have to say, but it turns out, I was wrong!

The kind words and encouragement I’ve been receiving is amazing and inspiring for me, so for everyone who has reached out, thank you so much!! I truly appreciate it! It has shown me that I’m accomplishing my goal of inspiring others to make changes in their lives for the better, which is the best thing I could possibly ask for. I promise that you will not regret eating healthier and nourishing your body with the nutrients it craves. Props to you for making this life-changing decision…you inspire ME!


Feelin' the love! Thank you!

Feelin’ the love! Thank you! (go follow Taylin…she is an amazing artist!)



Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.29.04 AM



Thanks for all the love and support!! You guys are amazing!



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