Can you drink alcohol while on the paleo diet?

As we all know, this past weekend was St. Patrick’s Day. It’s certainly not a holiday in America known for staying sober and relaxed all night…it’s known for getting a little wild and drinking Irish Car Bombs and obscene amounts of beer. So the question is, are you allowed to partake in drinking alcohol while on the paleo diet?

To celebrate this festive holiday, James and I threw a party at our house. We meshed together St. Patty’s Day and Mardi Gras (which just occurred about a week or two ago) into one party, with a Masquerade theme.  Of course everyone ate, drank, and was merry…even me!


My friend Nicole and Me (I’m on the right)

If you have your heart set on drinking at that upcoming party or event, then by all means, do so (as long as you’re of age of course!). Just make sure you drink responsibly, and stay away from the overly-horrible ingredients. Below are some drinks that fit a little better into the paleo diet than others.


James and Me

Paleo-Approved (ish) Drinks:

  1. Wine – Both Red and White wine are the closest things to “paleo” you will find as far as alcoholic beverages go. In short, wine is made by fermenting fruit (usually grapes). You can find organic wine, as well as wine made from grapes that were grown sustainably. This is your best bet if you want to stick closest to the paleo protocol. Champagne is ok too.
  2. Cider – Another fermented drink, cider is generally gluten-free and made from fruit. There are many lower sugar brands to keep an eye out for, as these are your best options when on the paleo diet.
  3. Tequila – Made from agave (which yes, is a processed food. But hey, we’re talking about alcohol here. All of it is processed and not that great for you!), tequila is a great drink to go to if you want to take a shot. No gluten and no grains.
  4. Vodka – As long as your pick out a vodka that is not made with corn, and is either made from potatoes or grapes, you are good to go. Good brands to try are Blue Ice, Ciroc Ultra Premium vodka, and Famous vodka. My drink of choice is vodka with club soda and lime. Low(er) in sugar than many drinks, and refreshing!

There you have it! Those are the only 4 alcoholic drinks I’ll have when out on the town.



Alcohol is, in all honesty, horrible for you. I recommend limiting your consumption of alcohol to the least amount possible, or avoid it all together. But, if you must drink, please do so responsibly!


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