How to Survive a Wedding on the Paleo Lifestyle

A few weeks ago I flew out to Texas for my friend’s wedding. I was in the wedding party, so the few days leading up to the big day were busy and intense. We had the rehearsal dinner, helped set up the venue, and then the wedding itself. It was a wonderful experience, and my friend Sarah made the most beautiful bride.

I used a similar strategy for my flight as last time, which I talked about in this post. I brought fruit, nuts, and veggies for my plane ride. This time was much easier, as a “seasoned paleo traveler” 😉  Many people are under the impression that you can’t fly with food, which is not true. You just can’t bring large volumes of liquid or “gelatinous material” through security…any amount of solid food is perfectly acceptable!

I had flown out for Sarah’s Bridal Shower in January. For that trip I was able to grocery shop to get exactly what I needed (Read about my trip to Texas and the Bridal Shower here). I knew that this time we were going to be incredibly busy and I wouldn’t have time to make it to a grocery store, so I had to bring enough food to last me a few days. Here’s what I did to prepare for the big day…


How to Survive a Wedding – Paleo

  • Before I left my house, I cooked 2 chicken breasts, a bunch of broccoli and cauliflower, and made some paleo banana muffins. I put the chicken and veggies in food containers, wrapped up about a dozen muffins, and put them in a lunch box with a few ice packs. I also threw in a couple apples and baby carrots for snacking. I put the lunch box in a checked bag for the flight, and carried on other snacks.
  • Once I got to my destination, I immediately put the lunch box in a refrigerator to make sure my food kept well. I flew out the day before the wedding, so the food only needed to be refrigerated over night.
  • The day of the wedding, I happily ate tons of banana muffins, carrots and apples while we were getting ready, while the other bridesmaids ordered sandwiches.
  • For the wedding dinner, the bride had hired an Italian restaurant to cater. This meant tons of pasta and garlic bread, none of which I could eat. So when guests were getting food (buffet style), I snuck back to the Bridal Suite with my empty dinner plate, and emptied out my chicken and veggies onto the plate. I walked it back through the kitchen, explaining to the caterers that I couldn’t have any gluten so I had to bring my own food. They were very understanding and didn’t give me any trouble. I returned to my table and ate along with everyone else. Super easy!
Some of the bridesmaids. I'm in the middle :)

Some of the bridesmaids. I’m in the middle 🙂

I loved some of the looks I got for having different food from everyone else, and it sparked some good conversation. Any chance I get, I like to explain the philosophy and science behind the paleo diet, and the importance of eating real food. People seemed to enjoy hearing about it, and hopefully I inspired someone to give it a try!


The Bride and Groom <3

The Bride and Groom ❤


An important lesson I’ve learned these past few months of following the paleo lifestyle is to be confident in your personal choices, and to not be afraid or embarrassed to display them around other people. Most people will just be curious, which is fine! They will get a chance to learn from you what the paleo diet is, and hopefully you will be an inspiration to them. So don’t be shy or embarrassed by bringing your own food–own it!


As time goes on, I am becoming increasingly confident in my abilities to stick with the paleo plan when in unfamiliar situations. I find that, now, I have no problem watching everyone else eat their bread and fried food, knowing that in an hour or two I’ll be able to go home or to a grocery store to pick up something healthy for myself to enjoy. Having this confidence is allowing me to be happier than every…I love it!

If you have any questions or requests for posts, please let me know by posting in the comments. I would love your feedback! Thanks!


One thought on “How to Survive a Wedding on the Paleo Lifestyle

  1. Great post! I think that one of the huge benefits of eating a diet that is lower in carb and higher in fat and protein (such as paleo, primal, whateveryouwanttocallit) is that you do not die immediately of starvation the second you miss dinner. I often will bring emergency food, just in case where we go doesn’t have anything suitable…then I’ll eat what I can from the venue/restaurant/friend’s house, if anything, and retreat to my emergency food when the evening is over.

    We’re going away this weekend and the friends whose house we’ve been invited for dinner refuse to acknowledge my food choices….so she’ll likely serve lasagna or pasta or noodle casserole. I’ll just wait until I get back to the hotel and eat my WellFed Scotch Eggs that I made last night and some raw cut veggies. I refuse to make myself uncomfortable (either physically or mentally) just to make someone else happy.

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